Lori Marlatt Is New Hair Loss Practitioner

US Trichology Institute announces Lori J. Marlatt, HLPC as one of their new Hair Loss Practitioners.

Men and women everywhere struggle with hair loss; most often caused by genetics, but let’s not forget about, nor discount excessive heat or chemical damage, tight braids and weaves, and improper installation of hair extensions.  They now have somewhere to turn, to help prevent further damage and help restoring what was lost.

The primary focus, Marlatt says, will be helping men and women who have suffered hair loss due to stress, genetics, and women with hormonal imbalance, chemical/heat damage, improper installation of hair extensions, as well as traction alopecia; tight braids which over time pulls hair from the follicle root.

Early detection tools are available to help proactively combat thinning/aging hair, which left unattended, leads to hair loss.  Our services have much greater success if caught early enough, so it is important to schedule a private consultation, with hair and scalp analysis; using microscopic lenses to observe the follicles, ensuring there is still hope.

“The consultation is necessary, as it provides the hair specialist to identify the cause, and determine the most appropriate program, based on the client’s needs, goals and budget.  “Different causes require different solutions, says Marlatt.”

The condition of an individual’s hair is often an excellent indicator of their overall health. Genetics are the number one cause of hair loss, but other factors that affect the hair include diet, stress, nutrition, hormones, as well as underlying medical conditions or illnesses.  It is important that people experiencing thinning hair get to the root of the problem, as quickly as possible.

Marlatt has been a licensed Cosmetologist in the area since 1981 and currently works as a Senior Stylist and Master Colorist at Roots Salon & Spa in Crivitz.  She will be conducting seminars for those interested in learning more about the established multi-therapeutic programs that she will be using, as well as setting up consultations for clients with hair loss concerns.


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